Klerksdorp Baptist Church

Tel. 018 462 2319
7 Theron Street, Freemanville, Klerksdorp, NW Province, South Africa.
GPS co-ordinates: S 26º 52’13.2” E 026º 38’49.3”



At Klerksdorp Baptist Church, we believe that all men everywhere and in all ages have sinned against a holy God, by breaking His commandments. The reason we sin is because we were all born with a sinful, rebellious heart that we inherited from our first father, Adam. Because we inherited this heart, we have all committed actual sins in the likeness of Adam. (Romans 3:23)

We believe that God is Love, but that His Love is not separate from His Holiness and His justice (Romans 3:25-27). Because God is unwavering and perfect in His justice, He must give to sinners what they justly deserve, which is everlasting judgment in a place of the condemned; which the Bible calls hell. The Bible is very clear on this. If we are in our sin, we are “under the wrath of God” rather than the love of God (John 3:26).

The good news is what the Bible calls “the gospel.” The gospel is that God has sent His own Son, Jesus Christ into the world to save sinners. (1 Timothy 1:15)

How did Jesus do this? He became what the Bible calls the “Second Adam.” Unlike the first Adam, when tempted by Satan (the father of sin and lies), Jesus resisted the devil’s temptation and obeyed His Father. Jesus kept all of His Father’s commandments and never sinned. (Romans 5:12-21; Hebrews 4:15)

Because Jesus never sinned, he was able to die on the cross as a substitute for sinners. In dying, God’s wrath and judgment against sin was poured out upon His Son, who willingly accepted it. In shedding his blood, Jesus bore God’s wrath and suffered the torments of hell. (1 John 4:10; Matthew 27:46)

But because Jesus was perfect, and had never actually sinned, God raised Him up from the dead and gave to Jesus a name that is above every other name. (Ephesians 1:20; 1 Timothy 3:16)

  • So then, how is it possible for us to be saved from God’s anger and wrath?

Once again, this is the good news. Because you have sinned (and because you are a sinner), you cannot save yourself. Being very religious, going to church, reading your Bible, doing good works; none of these things will save you. There is only one way to be delivered from God’s wrath: “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved.” (Acts 16:30-31)

It is faith alone (Sole Fide) in Christ alone (Sola Christos) that saves us. If you believe that Jesus bore all of your sin in His body on the cross, and you put no confidence in yourself, you will be saved.

Many people believe that this message is “narrow” and “unkind.” It is true that the message of the gospel is narrow, as even Jesus Himself said. (Matthew 7:14) But it is in fact, the kindest message we can deliver to you. (Titus 3:3-5)

  • Why?

Because not to tell you this wonderful news, of a gracious Savior and His love for us, would in fact be unkind. Our desire for you is first and foremost: to believe what Christ has done. If God gives you a heart to believe, then He will also give you a heart to repent of your sin and rebellion, and follow Christ in His obedience to God’s commands. (2 Peter 1:3) We also believe that this faith that has been given to us is a faith that we must confess. (1 Timothy 6:12)

At Klerksdorp Baptist Church, we believe that Scripture is our only standard (guide) for faith (what we believe) and practice (how we live and how we conduct ourselves in the church (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Thankfully, our Baptist forefathers were godly men who were thoroughly grounded in Scripture. These men passed down to us a “confession of faith,” commonly known as the “Second London Baptist Confession of 1689.” Although this confession (or doctrinal statement) is subordinate to the Scriptures (as the confession itself teaches), it is nevertheless an excellent summary of what the Bible teaches about important doctrines.